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Vasatech is totally committed to excellence in all its undertakings. To ensure that its products are of excellent, consistent quality and conform to the best practices in the industry, Vasatech has acquired cutting-edge technology and machinery for its production and QA processes.
It is among the first manufacturing facilities in Asia to utilize customized machinery from Vits, Germany that enables production capacities of 50-60 million sqm per annum, as well as the production of up to 2700mm in width.

Vasatech has experienced and dedicated personnel who are well-versed in all aspects of production, process control, quality assurance and technical service.

Vasatech always strives to improve on quality and better services to its clients through the use of sophisticated laboratory equipment and in-house facilities like a lab press and glossiness test meters that are used to perform quality tests on raw materials, in process materials and finished products before they are delivered to customers.

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